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Voices For Leadership Business Coaching, a customized leadership development program for professionals.

  • Executive coaching 
  • Business education for employees and executives
  • Goal setting with mapping
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and overcome mental obstacles
  • Gain the confidence and strategies to unlock massive growth in your business and life

Leaders Using Their Voices To Empower Change

Discover your true north through tested principles and exercises for leadership development, business education, employee workshops, instructor led-training.

Who Business Coaching Can Help

Professionals, Leaders, Executives, Owners

Build consulting services provides custom high impact,
interactive training, coaching, and consulting services.


Effective communication is critical to growth between relationships in business and life.

Training Includes

Improve interactive communication; Learn and apply behavior-based and active listening techniques; Discover solutions for conflict management and resolution; Create customized communication plans
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Strengthen engagement with team building exercises, programs and assessments for yourself and employees.

How We Engage

Increase engagement through team building events with a defined purpose; Determine areas of competency and opportunities for improvement through the use of 360 assessments for yourself and teams.
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Discovering your style of leadership, understanding how you're perceived as a leader, and leveraging those styles to better lead others effectively.

Evaluation Includes

Discover your core self and strengthen your interactions with others through the use of personality assessments; Improve your foundational skills to become a leader others want to follow
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Creating strategic and effective leaders is critical in today's fast-paced, constantly evolving world between technologies and business practices.

Training Includes

Discover opportunities to eliminate waste and redundancy; Improve team effectiveness through a collaborative process to define and align roles, responsibilities, and goals with your team’s unique deliverables; Identify future leaders, minimize recruitment costs, and identify gaps in competency with succession planning for transitioning owners and key personnel
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Brian Brogen

Business Coach, Trainer, & Speaker

Certified Coach, teacher, and Certified eSpeaker, Brian will provide you and your organization coaching, team building workshops, as well as aid in your personal and professional growth through study and practical application with proven leadership methods.