The Next Generation of Leaders: Voices for Leadership Volume III

Are you a young leader with a story to tell? Do you know an inspiring young person who deserves to have their voice heard? 

voices for leadership volume 3 young leaders edition
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Volume III: Young Leaders

Voices for Leadership is looking for talented individuals aged 17-25 to write a chapter in our upcoming Volume 3: Youth Leaders Edition. This is your chance to share your journey, insights, and vision with a global audience. We are also seeking sponsors and nominations to support these young voices.

Why Contribute to Voices for Leadership?

Share Your Story: Your experiences and ideas matter. By contributing to Voices for Leadership, you can inspire and influence others with your unique perspective. You do not need to be a student in high school or college to apply. We are interested in leaders with a story to inspire others for greatness.

Gain Recognition: Be featured alongside other young leaders in a prestigious publication. Your contribution will be showcased to a wide audience, including influential leaders and decision-makers.

Develop Your Skills: Writing a chapter will hone your writing, critical thinking, and storytelling skills. You’ll also receive guidance and feedback from experienced editors.

Make an Impact: Your words can drive change. By sharing your story, you can raise awareness about important issues, spark conversations, and motivate others to take action.

Who Can Apply?

We are looking for young leaders aged 17-25 who are passionate about making a difference. Your voice is valuable whether you are a student, entrepreneur, activist, or professional. We welcome diverse perspectives and stories that reflect the breadth of experiences and challenges today’s youth face.