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voices for leadership volume 3 young leaders edition

VFL Volume 3

Voices For Leadership is excited that you have been nominated as an author for our youth edition. This community and the authors have a mission for making an impact on generations to come, through leadership stories in your own voice. This is an amazing platform to share your leadership perspective with a global audience. We are targeting young people ages 17-22 who exemplify leadership. We look forward to seeing your application!

Young Leaders Contribution

Get ready to level up your leadership game! When you’re selected for this edition, you’ll become a published author, connecting with influential leaders and expanding your audience and network. Share your unique and thought-provoking leadership ideas with the world, and gain instant credibility as a published author. Plus, you can buy unlimited copies of the book at our publication cost, boosting your visibility and building your following like never before.

Submit your 1500-word chapter and join the literary stage with global influencers. Share your work with our combined audience online and through social media. Enjoy monthly membership in the VFL Community for 12 months, all for just $20 a month.

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Join a worldwide community of thought leaders in leadership as published authors!

Use This Form To Qualify

You do not need to be a student to apply. If not a current student, please mark NA.
If you are not a current student, please mark NA.
If none, please mark NA.
If you were nominated by a current VFL Author, Employer, or Leader, please provide their name.
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Please provide a photo of yourself, no filters or overly edited, most be a headshot style picture, high-resolution 500x500 jpg or png headshot.
Please complete in the 3rd person. Ex: Madison is an accomplished violinist while attending the University of Florida. When not studying, practicing her craft, or reading books, she spends her time working in the Veterinarian Clinic on campus.
Please complete in the 3rd person.
Please complete in the 3rd person.
Provide a title and summary (minimum of 200 words) of what you intend to write about in your chapter. Limit to 1 Topic.
If none, please type "N/A."
By submitting this application, I understand and agree to participate in the Voices For Leadership community program for a duration of 12 months if selected as an author. I acknowledge that there is a nominal fee of $20 per month, which can be paid by my employer, a sponsor, or out-of-pocket. I commit to this program for my leadership success and look forward to building vital connections and fellowship with 70 authors and leaders across the globe.




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