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Featured Authors

Our featured authors for Volume II are Brian Brogen, Regina “Gigi” Sabbat, Mel Leow, Stephanie Stuckey, and Dan Dominguez. 

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Would you like to be considered for our future volumes? Apply now, if you have a desire to accomplish any of the following.

  • Grow Your Audience
  • Increase Your Influence
  • Encourage Others to Lead
  • Build Your Credibility

It’s time to raise your voice and apply to be an author in the Voices For Leadership book to be released this year. 

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Join a movement of influential leaders to help inspire change for others. Share your leadership expertise to transform your life, as well as the lives of readers around the globe. 

A new age has dawned. Prominent leaders, experts, and visionaries are digging deep to examine their shifting roles and responsibilities. They have become change-makers and paradigm-shifters, and alchemists. By asking leading questions and sharing our collective experiences, we will empower the generations of thinkers and an international movement of Voices For Leadership!

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Start Leading The Next Generation Of Leaders

If you have aspired to be an  author of leadership development but resisted because the writing and publishing process seemed like a daunting task to take on solo, now is your chance to shine as an author in the company of fellow leaders who are joining together to increase their potential of impact.

Become a contributing author featured in Voices For Leadershiptm. This is a powerful book that aims to take a look at our leadership roles from the past, throughout this last life-altering year, and how our perspectives, habits and actions can be adjusted moving forward. This forthcoming book inspired by author Brian Brogen will answer the questions we all want to know.

  • Where have we been?
  • Where are we going?
  • What must we do differently?
  • How will today influence our future?


The publisher and the author make no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience by following the advice and strategies contained in this book, and you accept the risk that results will differ for each individual. The testimonials and examples provided in this book show exceptional results, which may not apply to the average reader, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results.

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